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                    Final report

       37th World Dance Congress, Athens 2014


Read the full proceedings (texts, photos, videos) at:


click on items in the Program.

188 registered conferees (see list of names at the website)

29 countries of the 5 continents

105 presentations, that is:

34 research reports (papers)

26 lectures

30 classes

15 video projections

8 exhibitions

33 performances

12 university professors from 6 countries in the Scientific Committee.

20 CID members worked as volunteers in the Congress Team

Forthcoming congresses:

Tokyo, Japan, 23-27 October 2014

Saint Petersburg, Russia, 15-19 April 2015

CID World Congresses are the most important gatherings of dance specialists, since 1987; see why at

Ask your students to visit  for select chapters of the History of Dance

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