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Listing guidelines

Please do not confuse between:
a) listing in the Directory, which is open and free of charge,
b) becoming a Member of the CID, which is after approval of credentials and payment of membership fee.

CID members receive every year a letter of confirmation of membership signed by the President of CID.

To apply for CID membership go to Information / Membership

1. Search the Global Directory for similar listings. Check if you are already listed.
2. Language is English. Names or persons or organizations can also be written in the original language.
3. No words in capital letters. Avoid abbreviations.
4. Listing in the Directory does not imply any obligation by CID.

The fields

- Mr. for all males, Ms. for all females. Dr. or other titles after Mr. or Ms.

- One name per entry.
- When two persons have positions in the same Organization, fill two forms.
- Maximum 50 characters and spaces

- Name of the Organization (school, company, magazine, group, business, foundation, association etc.) in English. You can write it also in the original language (in brackets).
- Maximum 100 characters and spaces

- Examples: U.S.A., U.K., Austria, Czech Republic
- Maximum 50 characters and spaces

- Postal code (after the two-letter prefix for the country, if you know it), then locality (municipality, county). Eventually, after comma, the province, state or region.
- Maximum 50 characters and spaces

Street and number
- Number before or after the street name, according to usage in the country. Do not translate terms like Street, Place, Avenue etc. Avoid abbreviations if space available.
- Maximum 50 characters and spaces.

Email address
- Email addresses never appear online, to avoid spamming. They are guaranteed to remain confidential, never sold or given to others.
- Maximum 50 characters and spaces.
- Write a second email address or a third one, within the Activities field.

Website URL
- Write a second URL (after a semicolon ; ) if space available
- Maximum 100 characters and spaces

Telephone, Fax, Mobile
- Include prefix for out-of-country dialing. Examples: +1 960 365 4529 for the USA or Canada, fax +49 30 428 3538 for Germany.
- After each number you can write w for work, or h for home
- Maximum 100 characters and spaces.

Describe your actual and previous work, your studies and specialization. This field is used for searches, so include keywords such as:
- Category: Teacher, Choreographer, Supplier, Critic, Researcher, School, Company, Group
- Kind of dance: ballet, folk, modern, samba, ballroom, tango
- For folk dance, specify: Irish, Israeli, Russian, International
- Type of activity: amateur, professional, recreational, performing, education, therapy
- Other details: write simply what you do, what distinguishes you from others
- No advertisements, no value judgements (avoid verbs and adjectives)
- Maximum 250 characters and spaces

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