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Monica Paz
Calestino Vidal 1532, 1B AR-1426 Buenos Aires CABA Argentina +54 114 953 0702 [Base] {work} +54 911 5706 1241 [Mobile] {} boeropaz [Skype] {} | www.mptango.com;www.tangopormilongueros.com
MPTango is a social tango school where its director Mnica Paz promotes traditional tango not only as a dance, but also as a culture. MPTango spreads the tango culture trough PractiMilonguero's interviews, conferences, traditional tango classes, etiquette practices, among other activities.

Tango CV: Monica Paz, Argentine Tango: Dancer, Teacher and Researcher. Director of MPTango. Riobamba 30 #1A, Buenos Aires, Argentina Phone: +54 911 5706 1241(Argentina) Site: http://www.mptango.com
Monica starts in Tango on 1996. Chronological list of teachers she studied with: Mimí y Francisco Santapa, Juan Carlos Copes, Celia Blanco, María Nieves Rego, Raúl Bravo, Carlos Rivarola, Olga Besio, Miguel Ángel Pla, Graciela González, Carlos Gavito.
Monica is a Professional tango teacher since 1998. Since 2001 she focuses her teaching on Milonguero Tango Style, the most traditional tango style.
At 2001, she got her Degree as Tango Instructor in Dance and History. (File 1471)
 From 1998 to 2010 she taught tango at different Cultural Centers of Buenos Aires. GCBA.
 Member of the cast of the very successful “Una Arrabalera de Hoy” during two years in the Café Tortoni, Buenos Aires.
 With Osvaldo Spinelli, were finalists in the First Salon Tango World Championship at “Estadio Obras”, 9 March 2002. They got the 4 th place on that competition.
 Dancing together alongside such top-rank musicians as Aníbal Arias (guitar); Osvaldo Montes (bandoneon) and Pascual Mamonne (bandoneon).
 She and her students have been guest dancers on various occasions in shows put on by the Argentine National Library.
 In November 2002, two of her young students were the only couple guest dancers at the Colón Theater, Buenos Aires.  Since June 2010 Monica is holding PractiMilonguero; where she teaches the Etiquette of Tango in traditional milongas of Buenos Aires. In addition she interviews living legends of tango to share with the tango world the experiences and reflections of them.  In 2012 she opened MPTango, the Social Tango School; where promotes traditional tango not only as a dance, but also as a culture.  In 2013 Monica and Osvaldo Natucci created Calendario Milonguero; where every day they post an special dance tango event from the past. http://mptango.com/calendar/
Beside these, before Monica opens her own studio, MPTago, she taught tango at eminent institutions and milongas in Buenos Aires as: Academia Nacional del Tango, Avenida de Mayo 833.
Milonga "Porteño y Bailarín", Riobamba 345. Milonga "Dandi", Piedras 936 and Milonga “El Beso”, Riobamba 416.
Since 2007 Monica has getting invited to give workshops, performances and lectures in different places in United Stated (New York City, New Jersey, Washington DC, San Francisco, Phoenix, Ohio, Cleveland, Santa Monica and Albuquerque) and Europe (Different cities at Belgium, Holland, Germany and United Kingdom).