Visiting Card

Only CID Members have the right to use visiting cards bearing the CID logo.

Click HERE for a visiting card sample

A visiting card has 4 parts:

  1. Top part
    The CID logo and the full name of CID in English and French (the two official working languages of CID).
    You can add underneath the name in the language of your country (for example: Consejo Internacional de la Danza )
  2. Middle part
    Your full name (in bold letters)
    Your functions, professions, titles (in smaller letters, italics)
    Member of the CID
  3. Left-hand side
    International Dance Council
    CID c/o UNESCO, 1 rue Miollis
    FR-75732 Paris 15, France
  4. Right-hand side
    Your postal address
    Your phone numbers
    Your website
    Your email address

You can use any paper quality, any size of card.
To design and print your own cards, search the Web for guidelines.
If you order to a printing shop, print as many as possible: the additional cost from 100 to 1000 cards is usually small.