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The International Dance Council (Conseil International de la Danse - CID) was founded with the encouragement and support of UNESCO. The Constituent Assembly was held at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris on 12 November 1973.

The famous German choreographer Kurt Joos was elected as its first President.

Subsequent statutory meetings were held in Stockholm 1975 and 1982, in Cologne 1977, in London 1980 and in Paris 1984.

 CID is officially recognized by UNESCO as an international non-governmental organization (INGO) representing all forms of dance. Recognition was granted by the UNESCO General Conference in May 1975 and has been renewed at regular intervals since.

 Although fully recognized by UNESCO, CID is a completely independent organization and is not a division or service of UNESCO.



Past Events

33rd  World  Congress  on  Dance  Research, Athens, Greece, 21-25 November 2012

32nd  World  Congress  on  Dance  Research San Marino, 27 June - 1 July 2012

31st  World  Congress  on  Dance  Research, Didimotiho, Greece, 6-10 July 2011

30th World Congress on Dance Research, Moscow, Russia, 29 April - 04 May 2011, combined with the 8th World

Dance Olympiad

28th World Congress on Dance Research, Termas de Rio Hondo, Santiago del Estero, Argentina, 5-9 January 2011

27th World Congress on Dance Research, Cordoba, Spain, 1-5 December 2010

26th World Congress on Dance Research, Riga, Latvia, 12-16 July 2010

25th World Congress on Dance Research, Istanbul, Turkey, 08-11 April 2010

24th World Congress on Dance Research, Moscow, Russia, 10-14 February 2010


2009  23rd World Congress on Dance Research

2008  22nd World Congress on Dance Research

2007  "Dancers without Frontiers"

2006  "Promotion of diversity"

2005  "Much more than movement "

2004  "The preservation of diversity"

2003  "Dance in Education"

2002  "Dance as Intangible Heritage"

2001  "Dance and Oral History"

2000  "Dance and History"

1999  "Sciences for the art of dance"

1998  "Rhythm and dance"

1997  "Dance around the Mediterranean"

1996  "Dance performance and costume"

1995  "Dance - from research to teaching"

1994  "Dance beyond frontiers"

1993  "Teaching dance"

1992  "Dance Ethnography"

1991  "Dance and Ancient Greece"

1990  "Music - dance in folk culture"

1989  "Folk dance and education"

1988  "Folk dance research"

1987  "Folk dance today"


CID International Congresses



3rd Istanbul CID Congress, Turkey, 8-12 April 2009

"Colors of the world", 2nd International Dance Congress

Kadir Has University, Istanbul, Turkey, 29 April to 03 May 2008

"Dance: From East to West". 1st European Congress on Dance Research

Ürgüp, Cappadocia, Turkey, 28 May to 1 June 2007

"Dance in Turkey and in the world today"

IstanbulTechnicalUniversity, Istanbul, Turkey, 14 April 2007

“Dance in the world today 6: "Dialogue among civilizations”

Ohrid, FYR of Macedonia, 31 March to 3 April 2005

"Dance in the Eastern Mediterranean today"

Nicosia, Cyprus, 24-27 June 2004

"Dance in the world today 4"

Skopje, FYR of Macedonia, 25-28 March 2004

“Dance in the Americas today: The African roots”

Montevideo, Uruguay, 12-16 November 2003

“Dance in the world today 2”

Belgrade, Serbia, 3-6 July 2003

“Dance in the world today 1”

Palais de l’UNESCO, Paris, France, 27-29 June 2001

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