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International Certification of Dance Studies


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1.  Each module is 150 hours of instruction.

2.  The school, the teacher and the student become Members of

3.  The school sends to
CID a declaration that the student has completed a module of 150 hours.

CID sends formal certification on parchment paper, valid world-wide. The school hands the parchment to the student at a special ceremony.

5.  The system applies to all countries, all forms of dance.

6.  This service is free of charge, like all services by


CID is the only top-level agency that can offer solid guarantees since it is:
official, recognized by governments, partner of UNESCO
-  world-wide, linking more than 155 countries
-  independent from any influences or interests
-  global, not linked to any particular country
-  strictly non-profit, accepting no money other than membership fees
-  democratically governed by elected officers receiving no pay
-  firmly established, with a long history of 39 years
-  competent, bringing together top-level specialists
-  encompassing, absolutely all forms of dance

Characteristics of
CID certification

-  Uniformity: system is the same for all countries.
-  Verification: inquiries on certified students are confirmed by
-  Security: certificates are issued centrally, by the
CID Secretariat
-  Selection: schools, teachers and students are members of the
-  Equality: all forms of dance, all tendencies
-  Perennity: will never change
-  No cost: always free of charge




Data required for International Certification

To the School Director

    Please fill and send one form for each student you nominate for International Certification of Dance Studies.

Full name of student:

Postal address of student:

Email address of student:

Fixed telephone:

Mobile telephone:

Type of dance:


Name of school:

Name of teacher:




- Total cost is only membership fees: for the teacher + for the school + for each student. Certification is free of charge.

- Data in bold characters above will be printed on the Certification parchment. Make sure the spelling is correct.

- Type of dance must be one only, for example: ballet or tango or ballroom or dance therapy etc., in English.

- Level must be a number, that is 1 or 2 or 3. Each level is 150 hours. No more than one Certification in a year.

- Documents are sent to the school, not to the addresses of students.

- Ask students to validate email addresses at: www.cid-portal.org/validation

- Please make sure the awarding ceremony shows the importance of International Certification. Invite parents, personalities, journalists, officials. Post photos from the ceremony at the Facebook page: https:/www.facebook.com/groups/1669368256675201/

Read details at:





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