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Statistics on OCTOBER 2016

2016 Statistics


2016 Statistics


 2016 Statistics


2016 Statistics



      Remarks by Alkis Raftis

      Results above are indicative. There are no clear borders between dance genres, while terms used vary in meaning or in spelling.


street dance / hiphop / break / hip hop

Latin / danceSport / ballroom / couple dances

school / academy / studio / center

folk / traditional / national / ethnic / popular

therapy / therapist / therapeutic (type:  therap in the search window)

    Add another word (country or city, type of dance) if you get too many results.

Remember that many listings are not in English.

    The sample is very large (hundreds of thousands of listings) so one can make very interesting sociological studies by searching various words by country (example:  tango Japan) or other combinations of words (example: salsa teacher U.S.A.).




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