World Congress

World Congress on Dance Research

CID congresses are the largest gatherings of dance specialists world-wide, the best opportunity to showcase one's work to a wide audience of practitioners, dance teachers, choreographers, researchers, journalists, organizers and suppliers.
Approximately 400 conferees from 40 countries of the 5 continents attend each congress.

Intended primarily for professionals, the congress is a scientific conference, a trade fair and a participatory event, facilitating contacts with colleagues and informal discussions.

All forms of dance are represented. Strictly non-profit. Not to be confused with festivals, workshops, competitions, forums or open conferences. There are no observers or invited guests, only registered participants can attend the morning sessions; spectarors can attend the evening performances only.

The 10-hours-a-day program includes:

  • Research reports (papers) are presented and discussed among peers
  • Lectures on original subjects resulting from long experience
  • Classes, where teachers give a short demonstration of their method
  • Performances by dance companies, duos or solos
  • Video projections presenting choreographies or full performances
  • Exhibitions and sale of books, records, pictures, costumes, accessories etc.
  • Evenings where members can discuss in a relaxed setting or dance to local music.
  • Visits to places of special interest, such as dance schools, museums, sites etc.

The congress is organized by the local Section of CID, in collaboration with the Executive Secretariat of the CID. It is placed under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture, the National UNESCO Commission, as well as the City Council.

Submitting a presentation (research report, lecture-demonstration, class, performance, exhibition, projection) is optional. For each presentation a text must be sent one month before to be submitted to the Scientific Committee.

Absentee presenters can register also; their presentations will be included in the program and in the proceedings. The proceedings website is visited by tens of thousands of dance professionals all over the world.

To apply for a visa to consulates and/or financial assistance, registered participants receive an official certificate.

For detailed information visit the central Congress website:

Past CID Congresses