Frequently asked questions

Feel free to send any questions you have to the CID Executive Secretariat.

We always reply within two days.

If you do not receive a reply it means we have not received your message. In that case send a fax, a letter or call (on the telephone or free of charge via www.skype.com)

Question - Do I have to pay to be listed in the Directory?

Answer - No, listing in the Global Dance Directory is completely free of charge.

Q - How do I enter my listing in the Directory?

A - By filling and sending the form provided in this site, or by sending an email with the required data, or by letter or fax to the Secretariat.

Q - Is listing in the Directory reserved to CID members?

A - No, it is open to any person or organization active in dance.

Q - Can a commercial business be listed?

A - Yes, provided its products or services are directly related to dance (like a ballet shoe manufacturer, a dance floor supplier, a festival organizer, a dancewear shop etc.)

Q - Can I become a member of the CID?

A - Yes, provided your professional profile is approved, or you are nominated by a CID Member.

Q - How do I send membership fee?

A - By cheque, by bank transfer or www.Paypal.com Always send details to identify your payment.

Q - Can I send fee in US dollars?

A - Yes; add $ 5 for bank charges

Q - Can I send my fee in another currency?

A - Yes, provided it is convertible. Ask your bank about your country's currency.

Q - Will the membership fee be the same next year?

A - Yes, it will be the same for the next few years. The General Assembly of CID fixes the amount of membership fee.

Q - How can I know if someone is a really member of CID?

A - By searching his/her name at this portal. Go to Information / Active Members. For full contact details search the Global Directory at this portal - type his/her family name in the search window..

Q - Can I use the logo of CID and/or UNESCO?

A - No, you can only use Member of the International Dance Council CID, if you have sent membership fee for the current year. The logo is reserved for specific events endorsed by the CID and can be used only upon written permission. The UNESCO logo can be used only upon permission granted by by UNESCO - contact the National UNESCO Commission of your country.

Q - Should I join CID as individual member or as institutional member?

A - Institutions (schools, companies, federations, groups etc.) can join after their head (president, artistic director, chief executive officer) has beem admitted to membership. Other persons from the institution (teachers, members of the board, senior dancers) can also join CID.

Q - What is the difference between CID and other international dance organizations?

A - CID is the official organization for all forms of dance, the only one recognized by governments and UNESCO. Ask the Secretariat for "A cheklist of organizations". CID does not organize any events (festivals, competitions, congresses, workshops) - its members do.