CID does not organize any events (festivals, competitions, congresses, workshops).
CID Members organize countless such events around the world.

Events endorsed by CID feature the CID logo and mention "Endorsed by the International Dance Council CID".
Recognition is granted to a limited number of events each year, by formal letter only.
The use of the CID logo without permission is illegal.

To be endorsed by CID, an event must comply to the following requirements:

  • be organized by CID Members
  • be attended by CID Members (that is participants/performers, not spectators)
  • be non-profit (organizers can cover a fixed fee for expenses)
  • be of international scope
  • guarantee a high level of quality standards
  • accept participants regardless of race, religion or political affiliation (non-discrimination standards of UNESCO)

Events endorsed by CID are announced in the CID website.
Events organized by CID Members are announced in the CID Circulars.

CID International Congresses
(partial list)

Choreography and teaching, 3rd International Congress
Saint Petersburg Section of CID, Russia, Azimut Hotel, 1-2 November 2012

Ottoman dance theory and practice, Congress and General Assembly
Kadir Has University and Mimar Sinan University, Istanbul, 24-27 November 2011

2nd Siberian International Research Congress
Novosibirsk, Siberia, Russia, 27-30 June 2011

Istanbul 3rd CID International Dance Congress
Tarik Zafer Tunaya Kultur Merkezi, Istanbul, Turkey, 8-12 April 2009

Colors of the world, 2nd International Dance Congress
Kadir Has University, Istanbul, Turkey, 29 April to 03 May 2008

Dance: From East to West. 1st European Congress on Dance Research
Ürgüp, Cappadocia, Turkey, 28 May to 1 June 2007

Dance in Turkey and in the world today
Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey, 14 April 2007

Dance in the world today 6. Dialogue among civilizations
Ohrid, FYR of Macedonia, 31 March to 3 April 2005

Dance in the Eastern Mediterranean today
Nicosia, Cyprus, 24-27 June 2004

Dance in the world today 4
Skopje, FYR of Macedonia, 25-28 March 2004

Dance in the Americas today. The African roots
Montevideo, Uruguay, 12-16 November 2003

Festival de video danza y talleres de formacion
UNESCO & Ministry of Foreign Affairs & National UNESCO Commission
Quito, Ecuador, 15-21 September 2003

Dance in the world today 2
Belgrade, Serbia, 3-6 July 2003

1st Siberian International Research Conference. Dances of Siberia
Novosibirsk, Russia, 3-7 July 2002

Dance in the world today 1
Palais de l’UNESCO salle XII, Paris, France, 28-29/06/2001

Danse, guérison et le sacré en Afrique
Libreville, Gabon, 17-19/01/2001

Primer Encuentro Internacional de la Danza por la Paz
Direccion Nacional de Danza, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 15-17 Sept. 2000

Rencontre sur la danse en Afrique
Ministry of Culture & Fédération Nationale des Danses et Arts Traditionnels de la Côte d'Ivoire
Yamoussoukro, Côte d'Ivoire, 09-15 Oct. 1988

Interactive influence and evolution of dance between East and West
Seoul, South Korea, 07-08/10/1998

Flamenco dance transmission and evolution
Ayuntamiento de Sevilla; Diputacion Provincial de Sevilla; Fundacion Cristina Heeren, Sevilla, Spain, 19-23/09/1996

Dance and the Mediterranean
Municipality of Corfu, Corfu, Greece, 24-26/11/1995

La danse africaine, de la tradition orale à la scène
Fédération de Danse du Gabon & Ministère de la Culture
Centre Culturel Saint-Exupéry, Libreville, Gabon, 30/03/1995-01/04/1995

Dance as universal language. Permanence and universality.
Teatro Piccolo Regio, Torino, Italy, 27/11/1994

La danza y lo sagrado
Paraninfo Universidad de Valladolid & Teatro Calderon
Valladolid, Spain, 19-22/10/1992

Research work and other activities in dance, East-West dialogue
Pyongyang, North Korea, 25-30/09/1992

Recherches et travaux dans les différents domaines de la danse: Art-Société-Pensée-Philosophie
National Theatre Opera, Belgrade, Yugoslavia, 17-20/10/1990

The situation of the dance artist
The Place, London, UK, 07-08/06/1980

The Dancer's World: Problems of Today and Tomorrow
1st International Choreographers' Conference
United Nations, New York, 12-15/11/1978